Welcome to the how-to guides for selling, exchanging, and refunding tickets in Theatre Manager.

Ticket Management consists of Ticket Sales, Excanges and Refunds.

Selling a ticket consists of four parts. Each ticket sales is associated to a patron record. Once the Patron is located the rvent or events the patron wants to purchase for can be selected. Tickets are added to the order and finally a payment is made.

You can download the Quick Reference Guides (less than 20 pages), Cheatsheets (1-2 pages) and Screencasts (online video demonstrations of the functions with narration) by clicking on the icon.

Ticket Faces - Calculation Commands - Cheatsheet (pdf)

Buy a Ticket - Reference Guide (pdf),Cheatsheet (pdf)

Add Tickets to an Existing Order - Cheatsheet (pdf)

Ticket Management module comprises of;

  • Selling a Ticket
  • Exchanging Tickets
  • Adding/Exchanging/Refunding Social Distance Tickets
  • Gifting Tickets
  • Holding Seats
  • Refunding Tickets
  • Refunding a Fee from an Order
  • Removing a Fee from an Order in Process
  • Sales Notes
  • Ticket Printing
  • Transferring Tickets
  • Ticket Detail
  • Different Modes of Selling Tickets