Reserved Seating

Reserved Seating (How To)

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Seat Selection Window
Seat Selection Window

Selling a Reserved Seating ticket removes the seat from inventory and assigns it to a patron for a specific performance and a specific seat. Selling a reserved ticket involves 4 basic steps:

  1. Selecting the performance date and time

  2. Selecting the price code and sales promotion

  3. Reserving the seats

  4. Processing the payment

Patron Search

1. Search for the Patron

  • Use the Patron Lookup window to identify the patron

Buy Tickets

2. Buy Tickets

  • From the Patron Lookup window, highlight the patron and click on the Buy Tickets icon in the toolbar

Patron Record

Already in the Patron Record? Select the Ticket tab, and click on the Tickets button. From the menu select Purchase New Tickets For The Patron

Performance Selection

3. Select the Event

  • On the Performance Selection tab of the Order window, double click on the event to add it to the Order Basket below. (See performance selection in detail for more information.)

Seat Selection

4. Select Price Code and Sales Promotion

  • On the Seat Selection tab of the Order window, select the appropriate price code (price zone) and sales promotions
  • The system will default to the price code (price zone) and sales promotion chosen when the event was setup

Picking Seats

5. Select Seats

  • On the price map, click and drag the mouse over the desired seats. (See seat selection in detail for more information.)

Reserving Tickets

5. Confirm Ticket Price and Location

  • When the mouse is released after clicking and dragging over the desired seats, they will now appear in the ticket summary basket below the price map
  • The selected seats will now display a different colour and letter on the price map. This indicates they have been reserved for the current order
  • This is the best time to confirm details of the order with the patron before proceeding with payment. (See ticket review selection in detail for more information.)

Payment Window

6. Pay For The Tickets

  • Click the Payment button and fill out the applicable fields depending on the payment method. When done, click Accept Payment to complete the sale.