Ticket Sales

Welcome to the how-to guides for selling, tickets in Theatre Manager.

Selling Tickets   Top

To sell a ticket to a patron, you perform the following steps:

1. Click the Patron Button from the main Theatre Manager toolbar / ribbon bar

  • The Contact List window opens.

2. Find the patron buying tickets in the contact list.

  • Single Click on the patron in the list to highlight. For more information on finding patrons click here.

3. Click the Buy Tickets button double click to open the patron window and click the Tickets button at the bottom of the Patron window.

  • The Order Window opens.

4. Select the performance(s) the patron would like to buy tickets for.

Click here to learn how to search for performances.

5. To select a single performance double click on it.

  • For Mac users, to select several performances, hold down the
  • For Windows users, to select several performances, hold down the key and single click on the desired performances.
  • To select several performances located together on the list, click on the first performance and while pressing down the key, click on the last performance to be selected. All the performances between the first and last performance will be selected.
  • Drag the selected performances to the bottom portion of the window, or on top of the Add button to include them to the selected performances.

6. Click the Buy Tickets tab

  • The Seat Selection window opens.

7. Select desired seats for each event.

8. Click the Payment button.