Traveling Troupe Ticket Sales

Traveling Troupe Ticket Sales (How To)

To sell a traveling troupe ticket, perform the following steps:

1. Open the Select Events(s) Window and search for a traveling troupe Performance.

2. Select the traveling troupe performance.

  • If the performance date and time doesn't yet exist, right-click the template performance in the Performance Selection List and select New Performance to quickly create a new performance for the tour using the Performance Creation wizard.

3. Click the Seat Selection tab.

  • The Selection window for Traveling Troupe opens.


Shows details pertaining to the performance.


Date the event will take place.


Time of the event.


The contact person for the performance.


Estimated audience size.


Venue or address of the event.


Target audience age.


A note area for name, location, telephone and details of the accommodations.


A list of activities and a timeline for the performance.

Production Activity

A list of potential activities pertaining to the performance. This list can be altered or added in the Code Tables. Click here for more information.

Start Time

Start time of an activity.


Overall notes about the run out.

4. Edit the fields as needed.

  • Detail Field

  • Activity Field

5. Click the Reserve button.

7. Click the Payment button.

Click here to learn how to accept payments.