Delete a Sales Promotion (How To)

Delete a Sales Promotion   Top

If a promotion has been setup incorrectly or expired, you can delete it by following these steps:

Open the sales promotion list
  • Go to Setup >> System Tables >> Sales Promotions
Setup >> System Tables >> Sales Promotions

Find and select the sales promotion
Sales Promotions List Window

Start the deletion process
  • With the promotion highlighted, click the Delete button
Delete Button

If unable to delete, review the error alert
  • If the promotion has been used for an event that isn't archived or is attached to a transaction that hasn't been archived, an alert box will describe why it cannot be deleted
  • Click Ok to close the alert and pursue archiving attached tickets or inactivating the promotion instead
Deletion Unavailable Alert

If able to delete, confirm your choice
  • If the promotion can be deleted, review the confirmation alert message
  • Click Delete to complete the process
Deletion Confirmation Dialogue

The alert message closes, the promotion is is removed from the database.

Merge Sales Promotions   Top

Merging sales promotions is a valuable tool to cleanup similar-purpose promotions that have been created over the years, promotions that are no longer used, etc. For example, if one "Early Bird Subscriber- 20xx" promotion was created for multiple years and there is no possibility of re-using them, you could merge all the old ones into the current one. The discount calculations will be lost, but the meaning on each ticket from the past will still be clear as it will still say "Early Bird Subscription". To merge multiple promotions, follow these steps:

Find and select the promotions to be merged
  • Go to Setup >> System Tables >> Sales Promotions to open the Sales Promotion List Window
  • Use the filter options to find the promotions to merge
  • Single-click to select at least two promotions
Sales Promotion List Window

Find and select the promotions to merge
  • With the promotions merged, click the Merge button
Merge Button

Select which promotion to merge the others into
  • On the Merge Window, single-click to select the promotion that the others should be merge into
    • This may be the one that you know is used the most or the one with the most accurate name/settings
Merge Window

Start the merge process
  • Click Merge
Merge Button

Confirm your choice
  • Review the message on the Merge Confirmation Popup
  • Click Merge to proceed
Merge Confirmation Dialogue

The dialogue will close and the records will merge into a single sales promotion. Depending on how many tickets are attached to the original promotions, this process could take a little time.