Add a Student or Attendee Online as an Event Manager

Add a Student or Attendee Online as an Event Manager (How To)

Use the following steps to add a student/patron to a class/session online using managed event features:

Login as instructor/manager and go to the home page
  • Login to the online store as the instructor/manager
  • Navigate to the Home Page
  • Click Manage Pays/Courses (this will not appear of the user logged in does not have event management access)
Online Store Home Page

Select the class/performance to add the student/patron to
  • On the Play/Course Management Page, find the correct class/session
  • Click Manage to the left of the correct date and time
Online Store Event Management Page

Start the attendee addition process
  • On the Class/Session Detail Page, review current registrants
  • If a student/patron is missing, click the Add Attendee button
Online Store Performance Detail Page

Find and select the correct patron
  • On the Attendee Search Popup, type some portion of the patron's name and click Search
  • From the search results at the bottom of the popup, find the correct match and click Select Price and Payment
Online Store Add Student Popup

Select the appropriate payment method
  • By default, the user will have two payment options:
    • Select a pass (must be valid and belong to the patron)
      • Click Select next to the correct pass to use the pass as payment
    • Put the balance on the patron's account, either for the Box Office to take payment later or for the patron to pay themselves online
      • Click On Account to proceed with this option
Online Store Add Student Payment Page

Confirm the payment method selection
  • On the Payment Confirmation Popup, review the detailed message, then click Pay with...
Online Store Payment Confirmation Popup

Review the class detail to ensure the process completed successfully
  • Return to the Class/Session Detail Page (this should happen by default) and find the newly added student/patron in the registrant list
Online Store Class Detail Page

Once the student/patron has been added to the class/session, the user can set attendance online and manage report cards.