Consignment Ticket Sales

Consignment Ticket Sales (How To)

Step 1

1. Open the Select Events(s) Window and search for a consignment performance

Click here for more information on Creating a Buy List.

In some situations, you may wish to limit the list by searching only for consignment performances. To do so:

Change the Performance Search drop down to "Sales Method"

Choose "Consignment" from the list.

2. Click the Find icon.

{% reference(image_path="images/select-performance.png", image_caption="Step 3"%} 3. Select the performance. {% end %}

4. Click the {{ inline_image(path="images/icons/seat-selection.png ",

Step 4
  • The Selection window for Consignment tickets opens.

5. Indicate how many tickets you wish to sell in Quantity To Sell.

6. Click the button

7. Click the Payment button