Sell an Auction Item

Sell an Auction Item (How To)

To sell an auction item, perform the following steps:

Open the winning patron's account

Start the ticket sales process
  • Click Tickets to start a new order
Ticket Button

Select the auction event
Order Window >> Performance Selection Screen

Enter the general admission ticket details
  • Go to the Seat Selection Tab
  • Enter the purchase amount
  • In the Description field, enter item details (e.g. Lot #, Description)
  • Click Reserve to add the ticket to the order
  • Repeat the ticket sales process for every item the patron has won (so that all items are on the same order)
Order Window >> Seat Selection Screen

Put the order on account
  • Click Payment to go to the Payment Screen
  • On the Payment Method dropdown, select On Account
  • Close the order
  • The auction item (as a ticket) will appear in the patron's Ticket Tab with Description listed in the Section/Row/Seat Column

When the patron is ready to pay for the item, open the order and take payment
  • Go to the patron's Order Tab, locate the auction item order
  • Click Payment on the bottom of the window to quickly open the Payment Screen and complete taking payment

Once the auction item as been paid for, the box office may want to print a receipt so the patron has payment verification when they pick up their item from the table.