Welcome to the how-to guides for setting up and editing events, performances, prices, attendance, and other event-related features in Theatre Manager. If you are new to event management, we recommend you first review our introduction.

To work with existing events, [review the tabs and fields of the Event Detail window and then start with the following how-to guides:

  1. Find an existing event
  2. Set attendance manually in a performance
  3. Edit an existing event
  4. Edit an existing performance

To build a new event, there are four necessary actions:

  1. Add a new event
  2. Add a performance to the new event
  3. Setup base prices for each new performance
  4. Enable sales promotions for each new performance

Once you are comfortable with the basic setup of an event, learn how to speed up the build process:

  1. Duplicate an existing event
  2. Duplicate an existing performance
  3. Copy pricing and promotion from another performance