Find an Event

Find an Event (How To)

Use the following steps to search for a specific existing event:

Navigate to the event list
  • Click the Event button the main toolbar or got to Setup >> Events
Setup >> Plays Menu Navigation

Start a search
  • On the Event List Window, click the dropdown search filter to reveal the possible fields to search on
Event List Window

Enter search parameters
  • Select which field to search on
  • Enter criteria or parameters in the To and From fields
    • You can be specific or general (e.g. if you are searching by Event Code, you can enter an entire event code 99-01 to find a single event or enter a partial code 99- to find all events that start with the same characters).
Event List Filter Dropdown

Complete the search, find and select the correct event
  • Click the Search button to filter the list based on your parameters
  • Scan the results to find the correct event
  • Double-click the event to open it (or single click and hit Open)
Search Button