Event List Window

This section contains reference files for events in Theatre Manager.

Event List Window
Event List Window

The Event List Window is used to locate events or to generate a quick printable list of events. It is accessed from Setup >> Events.

New Button

Open Button

Opens the Event Detail Window for the selected event

Duplicate Button

Provides two options to duplicate the selected event(s):

  • Use duplicate play wizard to create new season/course sessions
    • Duplicates event settings, performance details, pricing, notes, etc
    • Useful when preparing for the next season or session of classes
  • Make copy of play - title and accounting data only
    • Only duplicates the event header information (the Event Tab and Accounting Tab information)
    • Useful when you need to custom build performance details, marketing data, etc

Delete Button
  • Deletes the selected event(s)
  • Events with attached financial transactions cannot be deleted (in order to ensure accurate transaction audit records)

Print Button

Generates a report of the visible list for exporting or printing

Export Button

Exports the visible list to an Excel or tab-delimited format

View Online Button

Provides two options for opening a browser window to view the selected event in the online store:

  • All Performances
  • Only Performances for the Event

View Button

Toggles the Event List Window between two alternate views:

  • List View
  • Calendar Grid View

Calendar Button

Provides a list of options to populate the Facilities Management Calendar based in part on the selected item(s) in the list

Filter Bar
  • Options to filter the list based on:
    • A field in the filter dropdown
    • Status (Active, Inactive, Closed