Restrict a Pass Setup (Type) to Specific Seats

Restrict a Pass Setup (Type) to Specific Seats (How To)

To setup a pass that can only be redeemed on specific seats, perform the following steps:

Create a new price code for your event
Event Detail Window >> Pricing Tab

Add the new price code to the appropriate seats on the map
Pricing Map Detail Window >> Seat Names Tab

Create a new sales promotion
Event Detail Window >> Promotions Tab

Setup a new sales rule
  • Add a new sales rules to convert a valid sales promotion (e.g. Regular Full) and price code (e.g. A-price) combination into your new promotion (e.g. Restricted for Pass) and price code (e.g. Price Code V)
Sales Rules Detail Window

Adjust the pass redemption rules
  • Open the Pass Setup Detail Window and go to the Redemptions Rules Tab
  • Click the magnifying glass search icon next to the Sales Rules field
  • From the Sales rules Selection Window, find and select your newly created sales rule (e.g. Restricted for Pass)
  • click the Save button and close the window
Pass Setup Detail Window >> Redemption Rules Tab

Passes with this pass setup will now only work on seats with your new price code using the new sales rule configuration.