Select your Own Seat Setup Steps

Select your Own Seat Setup Steps (How To)

In order to see changes to pick-your-seat map online, you must re-create the pick your own seat map following the instructions. This is required for any changes to the main map such as:

  • Increasing the number of seats on the map
  • Changing the placement of seats by moving the seats or resizing them
  • Changing the picture such as shape and/or background colour of sections on the map
  • Changing of tool tips associated with a seat
  • Renaming the seats locations (eg door, section, row, seat)

Setup Pick Your Seats Process

The process will take longer if you meed to make adjustments to the PPT and/or your current seat locations to make your existing sales maps better prior to making the Pick Your Seats SVG map.

Use of pick your own seats can be:

  • Enabled for all performances that using a specific a pricing map -and optionally-
  • Disabled for some specific performances using the performances web settings if you don't want to use the feature.