Placing Seats in Detail

Placing Seats in Detail (How To)


1. Click Setup >> Venue.

  • The Venue List window opens.

2. Select the Venue, and click the Open button.

  • The Theatre window opens.


3. Choose the Map you want to add the seats to

  • Click the Open button.

4. Click the Graphic Map tab.

  • The graphic map window is displayed. You use the editing tools and the right-click menu tools to add your seats to the map.

5. Decide if the seats will be square or circular.

  • Select the appropriate shape button.

  • Round seats typically indicate "wheelchair" or ADA access seats.

6. Click Add Grid of Seats button.

  • This will open the Add Block of Seats window to add a section of seats. The Add Seat button adds single seats to the map.

7. Click the Add button.

  • This will place a grid (block) of seats in the upper left corner of the theatre map. Click on one of the added seats and drag the grid of seats into the appropriate place on the theatre map. Continue adding seats (grid by grid) until the total number of seats have been placed on the graphic representation.

8. Click the Save button.

  • Save frequently while adding seats. If an errors is made the Revert button can be used to return to the last saved point.

9. Select a row or column or seats.

  • Place the mouse above the upper left corner of the first seat to select, click and hold the mouse button and encircle the seats to align. Release the mouse to highlight the seats. To select multiple seats hold the key and click on each seat.

10. Duplicate similar section of the venue as needed.

11. Align the seats.

  • Once all the seats have been placed on the graphic representation, use the alignment buttons to ensure seats are straight within each row and column.

  • Ensure seats are evenly spaced and distributed using the functions described below.

12. Click the Save button.

  • When all seats are placed the next step is to arrange the seats in a logical order so Theatre Manager can connect each seat to its name. Click here for information on reordering logical seats.

13. Select the seat(s) that you want to hold on the graphic map. Then click on the hold tool, and select a letter code to hold the seat(s) with.

14. When you are done, choose the Save button.