Map Building

Map Building (Explanation)

Only an editable SVG map is required for making maps in 64 bit Theatre Manager. However, not all tools can create proper SVG maps with true vector graphs in them so you may be limited to Adobe Illustrator, Open Office or other tools. You can still use powerpoint if you wish.

The key difference is that you only need the common SVG map to build for Mac, Windows and Pick your seats.

1. Create a theatre map in a tool that can make SVG maps that contain proper vector graphs.

  • Shapes, usually with colours, on it representing seating areas or sections.
  • Individual text areas containing descriptive words for sections & rows, some seats.
  • A legend as necessary to point out ADA seats and price areas

2. Edit the Theatre Pricing Map window and set a final height for the image

3. Drop the SVG Map onto the map image.

4. Place seats on the map

5. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 as required to create a visually appealing map.

6. As a final step, merge the seat names - to enable pick your own capabilities