Create SVG map for Pricing Map

Create SVG map for Pricing Map (How To)

Making an SVG Map from the Powerpoint document

The best way we have found to create a very useable SVG map will closely match your existing box office maps is to use Open Office (free) and your original PPT document.

  • If you have not done so, export your PPT map from the database or find the original source document
  • Tidy up your PPT document using Powerpoint before converting it to SVG.
  • Use one of the following software options to convert a PPT into SVG format
    • Open Office 4.1.4 (Recommended - free) or later which can be obtained from

    • Adobe Illustrator CS6 (paid) - this can be found online for downloads - which we know some customers use. We have not tried the Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud CC product (since it locks you into a subscription).