Edit a Credit Card on a Patron Record

Edit a Credit Card on a Patron Record (How To)

You can manually change a number of settings about an existing card on a patron's record, including:

  • Expiry Date
    • A change will affect all future authorizations for post dated payments.
  • Name on the Card
    • This is usually in the case that it was originally swiped incorrectly.
  • Blacklist Status
    • This prevents the card from being used again.
    • If the same card number is in use by other patrons, you may be prompted to also blacklist those patrons.
    • Only employees with permissions in Employee Access >> Functions Tab can clear the blacklist status.
Step 1

Open the appropriate patron record and navigate to the Credit Card Tab.

Step 2

Click once to select the credit card to be edited and click the Open button.

Step 3

On the Credit Card Detail Window, make changes as needed.

Step ???

Click the Save button and close the window. The card information is now updated in the Credit Card Tab.