Edit a Donation (How To)

Edit a Single Donation   Top

After you have entered a donation, there are some things that you may need to change after the fact, such as the donation amount, the program name, or the tax receipt type. Below are the basic steps to edit an existing donation.

Open the patron record and find the donation to be edited
Patron Donation Tab

Open the donation and make your changes
  • Single-click the donation to be edited and click the Open button (or double-click) to open the Donation Detail Window
  • Make the necessary edits (e.g. change the donation amount, campaign, program name, etc)
  • If changing a tax receipt name or toggling between an individual and company donation, you will need to:
Donation Detail Window

Save your changes
  • Click the Save button to confirm your edits.
Save Button

If any of your edits affect financial information, the appropriate financial transactions will automatically follow in the next end-of-day. If you changed the Tax Receipt Name, the Tax Receipt Name, Program Name, and Sort Name will also automatically switch to the company/individual name.

Change Program Name for Multiple Donations   Top

If you need to change the program name for multiple donations, there's an option to do that en masse rather than one at a time:

Select the donations to be edited
Donation Context Menu

Select the new name data to use for the donations
  • Select the new program name from the list provided in Step 1
  • Select the new sort name to use from the list provided in Step 2
  • Click the Change button to save your changes
Program Name Change Window

You will be returned to the Donations Tab and the selected donation records have been edited.