TM Scanner App (Explanation)

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Connection Error
Connection Error

A connection error can occur when the device does not have internet/data access, the Server Address is incorrect, or a wrong Outlet number has been entered.

Server Address
  • The Server Address is located in the Director tab of Company Preferences
  • It is referred to as the Web Server URL
  • The Server Address should be entered without a http:// at the beginning
  • The Outlet number can be found in the upper right of the Company tab in Company Preferences
  • It is the number referred to as the Company # in the upper right of the tab.

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Login Error
Login Error

A login error can occur when the Initials and Password do not match the credentials an employee uses to log in to Theatre Manager.

  • The initials cannot be the same as any other employee in the database
  • An employee initials can be found in the Box Office tab of the Employee Setup
  • Initials can be changed by altering the name fields in the Contact Card of the employee patron record.
  • The password associated with the employee initials above
  • The same password used to log in to Theatre Manager

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Settings Error
Settings Error

A connection error indicates the TM Scanner app cannot communicate with the database. It is indicated by red exclamation marks.

Common causes of connection errors include:

  • The device does not have an internet connection
  • The app does not have permission to use cellular data (when connecting using cellular data)
  • The database cannot be reached
  • The Address is incorrect
  • The Outlet number is incorrect