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Before Event Sales
Before Event Sales

In this tutorial we will learn the step by step of selling a pair of General Admission (Festival) tickets using the Before Event Sales module.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know where the "Before Event Sales" menu is located
  • Become familiar with the General Admission window
  • See the benefits of using Before Event Sales for selling tickets before a performance

From the Theatre Manager main menu, select Patron Sales -> Before Event Sales
  • This starts the process of using Before Event Sales
  • This step will only need to be done once at the beginning of using the Before Event Sales module
Patron Sales Menu

Confirm the House Account
  • Theatre Manager will ask you to confirm the Patron Profile to use when processing Before Event sales.
  • Every ticket sold during this session will be sold to this patron in your database.
  • Typically, most organizations create their own "At Door" profile, so they have a specific patron record in their database to house all Before Event Sales.
Before Event Sales

Click the Sell button highlighted in blue
  • This will open a new Order window
  • The Performance Selection tab will be displayed.
Before Event Sales

Double-click the City Park Outdoor Music Festival
  • This is a list of all the available performances the organization has on sale.
  • Double-clicking a Performance will add it to the Order Basket below
Performance Selection

Select the Seat Selection tab
  • There are 4 main areas that will affect the overall sale:
    1. Quantity to Sell field
    2. Create Tickets as Single or Group
    3. The Reserve button
    4. Price Code area
  • For this tutorial we will leave the Quantity to Sell field with two tickets, selling them as Single tickets.
  • Take note of the Price Code area, and select the Adult price for $58.00.
Seat Selection

Click the Reserve button
  • This will add two tickets to the Order Basket and change the Order Total, creating a Balance Due of $116.
  • Any amount owed by a patron will appear in red.
Adding Two Tickets

Click on the Payment button and choose your Payment Method from the pull down menu
  • With the $116 Balance Due, it is time for the patron to pay for their order.
Payment Window

Click the Accept Payment button
  • Once Theatre Manager has processed the sale it will automatically take you back to the Seat Selection tab
  • You can now process the next tickets to be sold