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G/L Accounts Window
G/L Accounts Window

The General Ledger Chart of Accounts contains all the accounts your organization uses to assign funds throughout day-to-day operations. Adding a new General Ledger Account, or GL, requires 3 basic steps:

  1. Assign an Account Type from the available options

  2. Assign an Account Number that aligns with your existing Chart of Accounts

  3. Write a description to help define what the G/L is intended for

The following tutorial demonstrates how to create a new G/L in the system.

Open the G/L Accounts Window
  • From the Theatre Manager file menu, click Accounting
  • Expand the General Ledger option by hovering over it
  • Click the G/L Accounts option on the right hand side
  • This will open up the G/L Accounts window
General Ledger File Menu

Click New in the Toolbar
  • In the G/L Accounts window
  • Click "New" in the G/L Accounts toolbar
  • This will open up the G/L Account Detail window
New Button

Click Account Type Pull Down Menu
  • Click the Account Type pull down menu
  • This will display all the available options that can be assigned to this new account
Account Type Pull Down

Select Income From the List of Options
  • From the list of options select Income
  • For more information on what different Account Types mean, visit Wikipedia's entry for Chart of Accounts
Account Type Options

Enter In Account Number
  • Select the Account Number field
  • Enter a 5-digit account number
  • In this example, enter 4050-0
  • This will serve as the Account Number for this G/L entry in the system
Account Number

Click into the External Account Field
  • By Selecting the External Account field the system will automatically fill whatever number was entered in the Account Number field into the External Account field
  • Users can also hit tab on their keyboard to move from the Account Number field into the External Account field
  • In our example, by either selecting the External Account field, or, hitting tab from inside the Account Number field, the system will auto populate the number 4050-0 into the External Account field
External Account

Enter Description
  • Click into the Description field
  • Enter an appropriate description for the new G/L
  • In our example, type in "Single Ticket Income"
  • This will serve as the G/L for our organizations Single Ticket Income

Check Status is Active
  • Ensure the Status for the new G/L is set to Active
Active Checkbox

Credit or Debit
  • Ensure the Account Balance is set correctly
  • In our example, income accounts are always set to Credit
Check Account Balance Setting

Click Save
  • When ready, click the Save button
  • This will close the G/L Account Detail window
Click Save

New G/L In Chart of Accounts
  • Back in the G/L Accounts list window, on the Income tab there will be a new entry for:
    • Account # 4050-0 Single Ticket Income
New G/L Listed