Status Bar

Status Bar (Reference)

The Status Bar is part of almost every window in Theatre Manager. By default, it appears on the bottom of each workspace/window. It can be moved in Employee Preferences. This bar displays a variety of information that is responsive to the specific window you are, any list current list selections, and recent actions you have taken. Some key functions that the Status Bar performs are below:

Search Result Summary

Anytime you perform a search, the Status Bar displays a summary of the search result. In this example, we performed a patron search in the Contact List.

Error Messages

The Status Bar displays error and alert messages related to your previous action. This error message usually shows in red text. In this example, we tried to save a new event without entering all of the required fields and the Status Bar alerts us which required field is empty. In this case, it also navigates to the tab where the field lives for easier data entry.

List Selection Subtotal

Anywhere there's a list display, you can highlight some or all of the displayed rows. The Status Bar will show key subtotal information based on your selection. In this example, we selected 2018 gifts in the donation history of a specific donation campaign and the Status Bar displays the subtotal values and counts of these specific gifts.