Startup Notification Window (Reference)

Notification Window
Notification Window

After logging into Theatre Manager, this Notification Window may appear. It contains important details that should be reviewed before proceeding with the program. Some notifications pertain to the Facility Management module only. Others are System Notifications and should be addressed as soon as possible.

This window cannot be closed without reviewing each of the system notifications (indicated by a red dot). When highlighted, the notification details will appear at the bottom of the window along with an Explain button that opens a web page indicating how to resolve the issue.

You can manually open this window from the Main Toolbar from Patron Sales >> Pending Notifications.

System Notifications   Top

Most of these only display when logging in. Here are some examples of system notifications:

  • Backup Warnings
    • Should the size of the backup shrink or the backup script has not run, which could lead to a loss of data
  • Theatre Manager Application Updates
    • Each time an updated version has been installed
    • In this scenario, the Explain button will take you to the Release Version History.
  • SMTP Email Errors
    • When emails (e.g. patron password resets, web order confirmations, promotional eblasts, etc) may not be sending
  • Shared Email Addresses
    • Notes how many patron accounts may have a shared email address, which interferes with a patron's ability to login online
  • Credit Card Server Connection Issues

Letter/Email Notifications   Top

These types of notifications primarily include information about letters/emails to be sent and letters/emails waiting for a response.

Letter Icon

This icon represents a letter that requires future printing and needs to be sent. Once sent, they will no longer display in this Startup Notification Window.

Email Icon

This icon represents an email that requires future printing and needs to be sent. Once sent, they will no longer display in this Startup Notification Window.

Email Responses Waiting Notification

The detail section of a response awaiting notification shows you how many messages are awaiting pickup in the scheduling email account. To pick up these messages and process them so that the appropriate task participant records are updated with responses, click the Get Email Responses button. If some messages cannot be processed (e.g. they do not contain a valid iCalendar attachment), they will be deleted so only scheduling responses should be directed to this account. When the responses are picked up, the appropriate task participant records are updated with the information returned.

Letter to Send Notification

From the detail window on an unsent letter notification, you can:

  • View the letter detail
  • See the patron
  • Modify the information
  • Print the letter

Email to Send Notification

From the detail section of an unsent email notification you can:

  • View the email detail
  • See the patron
  • Modify the information
  • Send the email

Multiple Letters or Emails to Send Notification

This is the detail view when multiple letter/email notifications are selected. From here, you have the option to directly print or email all the selected items.

Facilities Management Notifications   Top

There are many notifications around Facilities Management, so we've broken it into subcategories:

Information About Tasks Assigned to You   Top

Startup Notification Task Alert
Startup Notification Task Alert

This category notifies you when certain events occur relating to your association with a task.

Meeting Icon

The line will show in red if the system is awaiting a response from you (e.g. If you are a task participant and have not yet accepted, indicated tentative acceptance, or declined.

Task Alert Icon

Any tasks for today will be displayed with this icon as well as tasks for which an alarm will go off today.

New Response Icon

This icon indicates that participants in one of your tasks have responses, but you have not yet acknowledged their response. If an alarm goes off and has not been acknowledged, it will also display in the window.

When a task has been responded to, the task participant's record is marked as having responded with the @ sign in the Status column of the task participants list. To clear this flag, indicate that you have seen this response by selecting the line(s) and clicking the @ button at the bottom.

Information About Volunteer Scheduling   Top

Startup Notification Volunteer Alert
Startup Notification Volunteer Alert

There are a number of different notifications around volunteers, including unsent notifications, awaiting response, task notifications, new responses, etc. When you select an unsent notification line, the bottom detail area changes to show any unsent email invitation details. The lower detail section also shows any task information, including a list of the participants. From there you can perform all the same functions that can be done from the detailed task window:

  • Send reminders
  • Get Email Responses (updates the database with volunteers' responses to their iCalendar invites)
  • Change statuses
  • Delete volunteers
Multiple Volunteer Alert Notification

When you select multiple volunteer-associated lines, you do not see the description of each individual volunteer opportunity, but you can perform the same functions on the combined participant list at the bottom.