Quick Find

Quick Find (Reference)

To open the Quick Find Window, click the Quick Find button in the Main Toolbar or press the Control-F keys on your keyboard.

Sample Quick Find Results
Sample Quick Find Results

Quick Find is designed to find needles in a haystack by using a live partial search of text across a number of database records. For example, searching for 123 might bring up an order, an address, a company with 123 that in the name, a shopping cart, or something else that contains the string 123.

It displays the top 5 (by default) record in specific categories. These search categories can be customized in Employee Preferences >> Patron Tab. Here are some key things to note about a Quick Find search:

  • It searches for words in any order, regardless of the order you typed them
  • It searches for words that start with your search text
  • It generally ignores plurality (e.g. actors will find actor and vice versa).
  • Except for name field searches, it ignores stop words, which are those that occur too frequently to be useful in searching (e.g. a, and, it).

To open a result from this window, double-click on the row you want to research further.