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Main Toolbar
Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar (or Ribbon Bar) refers to the buttons below the Menu Bar. Each button has a specialized but generic function so that it is useable for the same function in many different areas. This toolbar allows quick access to commands and other modules of Theatre Manager.

Patron Button

Opens the Patron List Window.

You can Option-click on the patron icon in Windows (or Command-click on a Mac) to see the Recent Patron List, which lists the most recent 20 patrons you have accessed for quick access.

Quick Find Button

Opens the Quick Find Feature to find patrons from a variety of search measures.

Calendar Button

Opens the Calendar Window.

Project Button

The Facility and Workflow Management module allows you to coordinate events, people, and resources across your organization's available venues. You can pull from and create information in your database to manage your venue, your staff and volunteers, your resources and your clients. With this module, the data coordination is presented in multiple visual ways allowing you to easily view and understand the relationships among all those variables. Click here for more information on Facility Management.

Report Button

Letter Button

Opens the Letter List Window.

Cart Button

Opens the Shopping Cart Window. Click here to learn more about carts.

Account Button

G/L Button

EOD Button

Opens the End of Day Wizard. Click here for more information on running End of Day.

Venue Button

Opens the list of theatres and their attached maps. (This could be called Venues, Theatres, or something else based on your system setup.)

Play Button

Opens the Play List Window. (This could be called Events, Plays, Games, or something else based on your system setup.)

Subscription Button

Manage favorite seats for subscriptions. Click here for more information on Season Subscriptions.

Mail List Button

Opens the Mail List Search Window. Click here for more information on Mail Lists.

Preferences Button

Help Button

Accesses the Theatre Manager's Online Help, which contains the most recent documentation, procedures, and FAQ's about Theatre Manager.

Remote Assistance Button

Activates the remote assistance application to permit Arts Management Systems's support staff to access your machine remotely and assist you.