Main Menu Bar (Reference)

There are several menus that help you direct what parts of Theatre Manager you would like to access. The top menus have sub-menus, and will lead you deeper into the program. The menus are designed to be very functional in nature, meaning that the sub-menus follow on from the previous menu. The list below provides a brief description of each Main Menu Bar option and what is contained within that menu.

Theatre Manager

The Theatre Manager menu (which appears on the left on a Mac, and on the right on a PC), allows you to read About Theatre Manager information, which includes system information such as licensure, contact, current version, etc.


  • Standard file management such as page setup
  • Importing and Exporting data to an outside application such as Excel
  • Change the currently logged-in user
  • Access to various Statistics about the database


  • Standard Edit controls, such as:
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Select All
    • etc.
  • Paste from file for use in Letters

Patron Sales





Standard navigation for display windows


  • Access to Theatre Manager Online Help
  • Sign up for the RSS Feed,
  • Email Arts Management Systems Support (,
  • Start a Remote Support session allowing Arts Management Systems to directly access your workstation for assistance,
  • Check for updates directly from within the application
  • Find the latest release notes
  • Access various social media channels for help such as our youtube videos on how to accomplish some specific tasks