Employee Preferences: Facility Tab

Employee Preferences: Facility Tab (Reference)

Employee Preferences Facility Tab
Employee Preferences Facility Tab

This tab controls the Facilities Management setup for the employee.

Unassigned Activity Patron

Enter a default unassigned activity patron here. The purpose of this patron is to let you assign placeholders for tasks in the Facility Management module. When Theatre Manager assigns a placeholder patron to tasks, it uses this patron. This way, you can have a task that requires 5 people, but not yet know who those 5 people are. Add 5 generic/placeholder patrons to the task, then replace them with real patrons when you are ready. This patron is often used in the Volunteer/Personnel Tab in events/performances to setup the number of people needed to work a performance.

If you receive the message Personnel placeholding will be disabled until valid Unassigned Activity Patron # entered, then you need to add a generic patron to this cell.

Others Who Can Edit My Tasks

Here you can assign delegates who can edit your calendar task information. This prevents others from changing your tasks by supplying a list of authorized editors. Use the green plus and red minus buttons at the bottom left of the table to add or remove patrons from this list.