Web Options Tab >> General Tab (Reference)

Web Options Tab >> General Tab
Web Options Tab >> General Tab

The General Tab controls which items are available for sale online and how patrons can access the webstore.

General Web Sales Options   Top

Enable Web Sales

This enables or disables sales to occur on the web.

If turned on (checked), a directory must exist on the Theatre Manager primary server for both:

  • This outlet (e.g. 1/WebPagesEN or 2/WebPagesEN for each of multiple outlets that are active)
  • Each language that is active for the outlet (e.g. WebPagesEN and WebPagesFR if supporting both English and French)

Listeners will not start if the Director requires full web pages and either the outlet directory and/or the WebPagesXX directory is missing. If the Director requires only custom pages, the web services will start using the current template pages.

If turned off (unchecked), patrons will receive a message that the site is down.

Allow Anonymous Login

Enabling this feature allows patrons to shop and add items to a shopping cart without identifying themselves first. When the patron is ready to check out and pay, they will need to either:

  • Login to an existing account
  • Create a new account if they have never purchased before

Optionally, if you also want patrons to be able to checkout without an account, enable the limited profile patron option.

Show Count Down Timer

When enabled, a timer will appear on the web pages menu bar (beside the cart icon) that shows how much time is left before the web listener releases all items in the cart. The timer will appear once there is something in the cart and is reset every time the patron looks at a new web page.

Login Attempts

The maximum number of login attempts before the patron's account is locked out and they must request their password to continue.

Coupons and Presale Access Codes   Top

Accept Active Coupons

When selected, patrons will be able to enter a coupon code at checkout.

Enable Presale Access Code

When selected, patrons will be able to enter a presale access code on the Online Event List to see shows which are not yet for sale to the general public.