Company (Outlet) Preferences >> Reports/Misc Tab (Reference)

Company Preferences >> Reports/Misc Tab
Company Preferences >> Reports/Misc Tab

The Reports/Misc Tab contains company logo and summaries for reports and the webstore, fundamental date and time settings, automatic employee inactivity logout time, and other company (outlet) level parameters.

Date and Time   Top

Date Format

The format for the date. Use the search list window icon to view all possible options.

Time Format

The format for the time. Use the search list window icon to view all possible options.

Time Zone

Select the time zone that your venue is in. When Theatre Manager starts, it will tell the server that this is the local time zone and if your time is different (accounting for time zone awareness), TM will inform you of the mismatch.

If any of your workstations are located in a different timezone than the database setting (this is rare), you can set a specific time zone at a specific workstation by configuring the preferences file and set it to one from the list of timezones.

Maintenance Jobs   Top

Maintenance Jobs

Maintenance Jobs are tasks performed by Theatre Manager Server that can be deferred to non-peak hours.

Run Between

Enter the Start Time and End Time to limit maintenance jobs to a specific time interval. The default is 1:00am to 5:00am, but you can schedule this to be 23:00 (11pm) to 3:00am or any such time as you wish. You many want to schedule for after your late-night backup.

Batch Printing Queue   Top

The Printer Batch Queue allows users to setup reports to be created and printed during nonprime business hours.


The time of day for the reports in the printer queue to start printing for Monday through Friday.


The time of day for the reports in the printer queue to start printing for Saturday and Sunday.

Warn on Quit

Click to warn a logging off employee if there are any reports in the Batch Printer Queue to be printed. At least one employee must remain logged on to have the reports in the queue to be printed during nonprime time hours.

Employee Access Management   Top

Inactivity or Auto Logout Timeout

Number of minutes of inactivity before Theatre Manager will automatically log out the current user and quit the application completely. The auto logout is initially set to 15 minutes as required for PCI compliance (PCI 8.1.8). You may tighten the restriction if you wish to force logout more often.

In addition to the feature built into Theatre Manager for auto log out, you are encouraged to use the screen saver provisions that require passwords after the screen saver is activated.

Company Icons   Top

To adjust, click on the picture to select a new graphic or drag and drop an image file into the graphic area.

Company Icon for Ticket Trove

250x200 pixel jpg that Ticket Trove and it's replacement will use for your logo thumbnail. Click here for more information on how to add images to Theatre Manager for Ticket Trove.

Company Overview for the Web

A description of the organization to appear in the webstore. It is to give the patron insight into what the organization stands for.

Company Logo for Reports

The space allotted for the logo on reports has an aspect ratio of 3.75" wide and 0.75" high. Any image you place into this field that is not that size will be scaled up/down to match that ratio. Reports will maintain the aspect ratio of the picture you supply. For best results, use an image that is the size above or has the same aspect ratio.