Company (Outlet) Preferences >> Director Tab

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Company Preferences >> Director Tab
Company Preferences >> Director Tab

NGINX is the the web server software used by Theatre Manager, which requires minimal configuration to work properly. The Director Tab is where you define most NGINX settings.

To install and setup TM Server in web services mode, click here.

For more information on the ports used by Theatre Manager, click here.

To set up the Directors for web sales, there are 4 settings that need to be made:

  • Web Server
    • This essentially indicates the URL of your ticketing web site.
  • Web Listener Template Pages
    • This indicates which web listener inside your firewall hosts your customized template pages.
  • Content Security Policy
    • This indicates which external web sites are allowed to be imbedded in your web site (normally only pixel providers).
  • Queue Setup
    • This indicates how to handle large amounts of unexpected web traffic.