Web Server SMTP Settings Window

Web Server SMTP Settings Window (Reference)

Web Server SMTP Settings Window
Web Server SMTP Settings Window

This window is accessed from Company (Outlet) Preferences >> Company Tab and controls the settings for outgoing system emails.

Email Address

The internet email address for the company.

SMTP Server

The email server for sending batch emails.

EHLO Host Name

Some SMTP servers require you to provide the EHLO host name as part of the protocol to talk to them as an anti-spam measure. Most SMTP servers do not require this to be entered and the field should be left blank. Check with your email provider to verify as it helps your spam score (Google and Office 365 may require it).

User ID

ID name required for email authentication.


Password required for email authentication.

Rate Limited Until

If the field is visible, you will see a rate-limit timestamp. This indicates the next time that Theatre Manager will attempt to send an email using this account since it believes you have reached your maximum allowable email limit as determined by your ISP.


Port to use for SMTP. This is usually:

  • Port 25 for typical email servers
  • Port 587 if the server supports TLS/StartTLS
    • Office 365 typically uses this
  • Port 465 if the server uses SMTPS
    • Gmail can use this, but is known to also support port 587


Timeout period

Needs Authentication

SMTP server requires password authentication. Encryption methods supported are:

  • NONE
  • CRAM-MD5

TM Server does not currently support NTLM authentication in exchange servers. Please use any of the above. Use SMTPS if you are using that methodology. If using TLS/StartTLS, Theatre Manager will figure that out.


Indicate if emails are to be sent using SMTPS. This usually goes with port 465 (see explanation of difference, but the exact settings are dependent on your ISP). Regardless, all emails are sent using the Theatre Manager server. If this checkbox is:

  • Checked
    • Emails are sent using SMTPS protocols automatically where TLS encryption is started automatically before any SMTP level communication.
    • You will typically need to set the port to 465.
  • Not Checked
    • Sending of emails will be attempted using the best encryption as possible. The preference is StartTLS ( email over TLS), and if that fails, it then falls back to lesser protocols.
    • You will typically need to set the SMTP port to 587 for StartTLS or perhaps 25.

If using gmail, you may need to use secure settings because Gmail is warning users if email comes over insecure servers and may not access email unless it is sent with TLS enabled. Google seems to support both TLS/StartTLS or SMTPS..

If using Office 365, you will likely need to uncheck this and set the port to 587 for STARTtls.

Test Email Button

This sends a test e-mail to verify that all settings have been entered correctly. If you get errors with emails, please refer to the SMTP errors web page to help diagnose issues.