Seat Selection in Detail (Reference)

Seat Selection Tab
Seat Selection Tab

Graphic Maps enable the most efficient and effective reserved seat sales method for selling tickets. The process involves creating a buy list, displaying a graphical representation of the theatre, displaying the sold and unsold seats, selecting a price code and sales promotion for the sale, and clicking on the unsold seats to reserve them.

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Seat Selection Components

The seat selection tab is comprised of 5 components:

  1. Performance List
  2. Promotion List
  3. Price Codes
  4. Ticket Basket
  5. Graphic Map

Below is a detailed description of each component and the role they play when putting together an order.

Performance List

Displays the events selected from the Event Selection tab. It may contain more than 1 event.

Promotion List

Displays the available Sales Promotions setup for the performance.

Price Codes

Displays the available Price Codes setup for the performance.

Ticket Basket

Displays the selected tickets when added from the graphic map

Graphic Map

Displays the graphic map for the performance, including held and sold seats.