Sales Promotion List Window

Sales Promotions List Window
Sales Promotions List Window

The Sales Promotion List Window lives under Setup >> System Tables >> Sales Promotions. This is the primary place that sales promotions are setup and edited in Theatre Manager.

Here are the key parts of this window:

New Button

Open Button

Opens the Sales Promotion Detail Window for the selected promotion, usually for editing

Duplicate Button

Duplicates the selected promotion for quick creation of a new promotion

Delete Button

Print Button

Generates a report of the listed sales promotions to the screen

Export Button

Exports the listed sales promotions

Set Button

Sets the selected promotion as the default promotion

Enable Button

Disable Button

Search Filter Bar

Filter options for the list of promotions:

  • Field dropdown
  • Like or From and To parameter entry fields
  • Include Flags
    • Active and/or Inactive
    • On Sale Via Box Office and/or On Sale Via Internet

Promotion Column

Descriptive name of the promotion

Desc (External) Column

External name of the promotion to be printed on a ticket or displayed online

Group Column

Group letter on the selected promotion

Map Letter Column

Letter that will appear on the map for this promotion