Scheduled Changes Wizard

Scheduled Changes Wizard (Reference)

Scheduled Changes Wizard
Scheduled Changes Wizard

When opened to add a scheduled change, the Scheduled Changes Wizard is a single window with four steps. This window can also be opened to edit an existing scheduled change. In this case, the prior step choices will appear and the user may edit them and use the Save or Cancel buttons to apply or cancel their edits.

Only one item within each step can be selected for change. If you need to make another change to a different contact information, create another scheduled change record.

The four options are:

  1. Action to perform for address
    • You can remove the contact (one-time), set primary (one-time), or set primary (recurring).
  2. Set address to primary on
    • Dates can be entered in a variety of text formats (e.g. may 1 23, 5/1/2023, etc). Alternatively, the calendar icon opens the Date Selection Widget for visual selection.
  3. Applies to
    • You can choose either Household (which adds an item to a patron not already on the patron record) or Patron, which lets you select the correct household member.
  4. Assign which item will be set to primary on the selected date
    • Displays a list of the patron's current addresses and contacts.