Patron Detail Tabs: Marketing Tab

Patron Detail Tabs: Marketing Tab (Reference)

Patron Detail Marketing Tab
Patron Detail Marketing Tab

The Marketing Tab displays the marketing details for the current patron. These fields are useful in capturing additional specific-yet-common information about patrons that can be used in the future to create a target market group. Often these fields are used to record information about patron origin, status, programming preferences, organization affiliations, etc. Note that the some of the same data appears on the Volunteer Home >> Marketing Tab.

Marketing Field One

Marketing Field Two

Marketing Field Three

Marketing Field Four

Marketing Field Five

Marketing Field Six (Pop-Up)

Marketing Field Seven (Pop-Up)

Marketing Field Eight (Pop-Up)

Do Not Mail - Theatre Requested

Used when the company decides it will not mail particular patrons. That is, the company may have lost contact with a patron or it is not necessary to mail board members.

Do Not Mail - Patron Requested

Used when a patron asks the company not to mail them.

Do Not Telemarket

Used when a patron requests not to be Telemarketed.

Do Not E-Mail

Used when a patron does not want to be contacted via e-mail.

Do Not Delete

Used when the patron is never to be removed from the database. This also prevents the patron from being merged with other patrons.


Used if the patron has passed away. These patrons cannot be printed on labels or sent an email.

Not in Houseshold

Used if the patron has left a company but there is a lot of data that should remain with the company. In a sense, acts like deceased, but is clearly marked different. These patrons cannot be printed on labels or sent an email.

Do Not Trade

Used when the patron does not want their contact information traded with other sources.

Cash Only

Used when the ONLY payment method accepted for patron is cash. Credit cards or checks are no longer accepted. If the patron attempts to buy online using their account, any credit card they enter as a payment will respond back as if it were declined, effectively preventing them from buying online. If the patron calls in, you can still take over their shopping cart and complete the sale. Employee functions settings have permissions to indicate who can:

  • SET the cash only flag
  • CLEAR the cash only flag
  • Use a credit card or check, even if the person is cash only (normally reserved for a supervisor)


Used to allocate a patron's gender. The dropdown values can be edited in Code Tables >> Gender. The gender can be manually flagged here or automatically flagged when a salutation is applied via the setup of Code Tables >> Salutations.

Patron Photo

You can drag and drop an image of the patron onto the patron's record. See more information on image size and types before using.


You can add any number of tags to the patron.