Patron Detail Tabs: Donor Tab

Patron Detail Tabs: Donor Tab (Reference)

Patron Detail Donor Tab
Patron Detail Donor Tab

The donation tab provides a brief look at the donation defaults for a patron.

Publication Name

This is how the patron generally wishes to be recognized. Normally this is left blank for most patrons, but if a patron has a specific request for ALL donations, enter something here. It was intended for foundations, granting agencies, and matching gift corporations that have specific recognition needs. However, it can be used for any patron. Refer to the actual entry of a donation to see how the program name is populated.

Giving Capacity

Expectation of the patrons giving range within a specific time frame.

Don't Solicit By:

The options are:

  • Mail: If flagged the patron does not wish to receive mail. This flag can be used to remove the patron from mail campaigns.
  • Phone: If flagged the patron does not wishing to receive phone calls. This flag can be used to remove the patron from phone lists.
  • Email: If flagged, the patron does not want to receive emails. This flag can be used to remove the patron from email lists.

In many instances, it may better to use one or more Mail Lists than these quick flags to decide how to communicate with donors.


Assigns a specific employee as solicitor for this patron.

Donor Tab #2

Donor date field.

Moves Mgt Date

Use to track the date a patron reached a selected level within the moves management structure. The calendar button can be used to select a date.

Donor Level Dropdown

Donor level. Allows you to choose a donation selection level.

Last Match Co.

The company and individual who last matched the donors gift.

General Donor Notes

Any general notes about the donor that are not related to a specific donation.


Restricts the view of the patron's donation info from general users of Theatre Manager. For more information on restricting access to donor information click here.

Asset Tracking - Asset Detail Window

If you wish to track key assets for prospecting a high net worth donor, you can enter them into the list on the upper left. Click the New, Edit or Delete buttons under the Asset List to edit various aspects of the assets, including the value and when it was valued. A total of all assets is displayed to the right at the bottom of the statistical information column.

Refer to the Code Table >> Donor Assets to create or edit the values used in this window.

A user must have access to the asset tracking data in their employee permissions, otherwise this list is not displayed in the window. You can choose to have only key development staff members see this information.