Patron Detail Tabs: Credit Card Tab

Patron Detail Tabs: Credit Card Tab (Reference)

Patron Detail Credit Card Tab
Patron Detail Credit Card Tab

This tab stores the patron's credit card history for records and auditing purposes. Data in this tab is visible to an employee if they have been granted access under Employee Setup >> Data Tab.

The data in this tab feeds the patron credit card search screen during the payment phase of an order.


Credit card type (e.g. Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc)

Name on Card

Name used for added security when processing the card

Credit Card

The credit card number

Expiry Date

Date the card will expire


Once a card has been used, this field holds a count of the number of payments that used this credit card number. A card that hasn't yet been used has a value of 0.

New Button

Manually adds a new credit card to the patron's file.

Open Button

Delete Button

Deletes a credit card from the patron file. Only credit cards without any transaction history can be deleted from the patron record.

Shred Button

Shreds the selected credit card record(s) if they exceed your retention period's minimum number of days. Theatre Manager can implement either Schedule "C" or "D" for the SAC.

Active Status Checkboxes

Determines the state of the card and if it can be selected to process credit card transactions. Inactive should be used for expired, lost, or stolen cards.