Patron Activity Tabs: Ticket Tab

Patron Activity Tabs: Ticket Tab (Reference)

Tickets Tab
Tickets Tab

The Tickets Tab shows a summary of all tickets bought by the patron. They may be shown by different types and years using the pull down filters bar in the bottom right corner.

Order Number

The order number is a reference number for the order.

Event/Play Code

A unique code used to define the event.

Performance Code

A code which describes which day the event took place on.


Section/Row/Seat provides the location of the patron's seat.


The number of admissions the ticket allows (e.g. 1 for a ticket to a reserved seating event or 24 for a group ticket to a festival seating event).

Total Cost

Displays the amount paid for the ticket. The price includes markups, discounts, and taxes.


Pertains to the price code selected when the ticket was purchased.


Displays the sales promotion used when the ticket was purchased.

Date Printed

Date the ticket was printed on.

Performance Date

The date the performance will take place.

Performance Time

Time the performance will take place.

Play Title

The name of the event the ticket was purchased to.


The status of the ticket can be marked as used if attendance is tracked within Theatre Manager.

Tickets Button

Opens a popup that allows you to:

Detail Button

Refund Button

Returns tickets back to a sales state and allows a refund or transfer of patrons funds to another form.

Print Button

Prints or emails the selected tickets if they are not yet printed.

Unprint Button

Unprints tickets that already have a printed date.

Ticket Display Filters

These two filters controls which tickets are visible in this Ticket Tab. Typically you want to show all tickets in the future, but the search can be limited at any time. Each employee can also customize their default filter view on this tab in Employee Preferences >> Patron Tab.