Patron Activity Tabs: Patron Letter Tab

Patron Activity Tabs: Patron Letter Tab (Reference)

Patron Letter Tab
Patron Letter Tab

This tab is used to keep track of all letters written to or emailed a patron, even from the web listeners. You can attach individual letters to individual patrons and to customize letters that can be attached to individual donations, payments, ticket transactions, or passes.

To access additional features, including the ability to resend an email (including web confirmations) by marking it as not done), select a row and right-click (control-click on a Mac) to open the context menu.


This column displays the printed status of the letter, whether it is done or not.


This column displays the type of the letter, if it was a single letter or was it a merged letter.


Displays the priority level of the letter. This can be used to help asses printing needs.

Requested By

The user who added the letter to the patron.


This column displays notes associated with the letter.

Records/File Connected to Correspondence

It is very important to pay attention to this field when printing a letter from the Letters Tab. This field displays the items that Theatre Manager currently has in memory (e.g. donor data, member data, personnel data, etc). To print a letter from the letters tab, ensure Theatre Manager has the correct information in memory to print the letter. For example, To print a donation letter from the Letters Tab, this Items Connected should list donation information about the donation that is being merged. If it does not, load that information into memory. To load a file into memory before printing it, consult a support technician.

Date Begin

Date the letter was added to the patrons record.

Date End

The last date the letter was updated.

Date Printed

The date which the letter was printed.

New Button

A letter can be added to a patron record using this button. A letter added this way will only draw on the patron's contact information.

Open Button

Opens a window to show the Email/Letter Detail Window envelope information about the letter selected in the patron's record. This shows its current status, when it was sent and who it went to. You can change the status and cause the letter or email to be resent.

Delete Button

Document Button

Opens the merged letter with any attached documents.

Email/Letter Button

Sends the selected correspondence immediately.

Letter Filter

Limits the letters viewed in the Letters Tab. Once an option other than All Letters is selected, a search field appears to the right of the field. Enter search values in the To and From fields and click the Search button (magnifying glass) to refresh the search.