Patron Activity Tabs: Donation Tab

Patron Activity Tabs: Donation Tab (Reference)

Patron Donation Tab
Patron Donation Tab

The Donation Tab lists all donations attached to a patron record. From here, you can insert, modify, or delete donations.


A display of icons indicating the status of the donation.

Order Number

The reference number for the order.

Program Yr

The program year that defines the time frame that the donation will be recognized in published material.


The type of donation received.

Campaign Name

Name of the campaign that the donation was assigned to.

Fiscal Year

Fiscal year of the donation.

Donation Date

Date the donation was made (recorded in Theatre Manager).

Pledge Amount

The amount the patron pledged.

Actual Amount

The amount received on this gift to date. A donation may be made in the form stock and the payment amount may therefore be more or less than the original pledged amount. Read more about managing gifts of stock.

Giving Level

What level of giving the donation is at.


Outstanding balance of the pledged amount remaining (or the unpaid difference between the donation and the total payments).

Total Receipted

The amount of the donation that has been issued receipts.

Soft Credit

Soft credits that have been applied to the donation.

Program Name

The patron's name as it should be listed on the program.

Add Button

Open Button

Delete Button

Deletes the highlighted donation. Tax tax receipts and prior payments must first be removed before a donation record can be deleted.

Payment Button

Opens the Payment Window for the highlighted donation. For more information about pledged unpaid payments, click here.

Print Button

Prints the highlighted donation on a thermal ticket (if a default ticket face has been associated with the campaign).

Name Button

Opens the Set Donation Name dialog for the highlighted donation.

Donation List Filter

Filter options for the visible donations in this tab.