Patron Activity Tabs: Cart Tab

Patron Activity Tabs: Cart Tab (Reference)

Patron Cart Tab
Patron Cart Tab

The shopping cart tab on the patron window lists all of the internet shopping experiences for a patron. From here you can:

You can also view all carts for all patrons.

Cart Number

A unique number representing the patrons web shopping cart.

Patron Number

The patron identification number.

First Name

Patron's first name.

Last Name

Patron's last name.


The name of the company the patron belongs to.


The status of the shopping cart. Typically you might see:

  • Active
    • The patron is still purchasing items and adding them to the cart.
    • A cart will stay active until the cart timeout is reached. A timeout occurs when the patron has not asked for another web page for that time period.
  • Completed
    • The patron has completed a purchase using either a credit card and/or a pass/gift certificate.
    • All items in the cart are reflected in the various other tabs in the patrons record.
  • Checkout - Errors Processing Cart
    • This means that the patron started to checkout, provided their credit card and proceeded sufficiently far in the process that the card was likely authorized. After that point, some issue occurred that prevented all items in the cart from being processed.
    • A cart in this state will not let any of its tickets be released so that you can inspect it manually and correct the issue.
  • Cart Closed - by patron
    • This means that the patron decided to log out not complete the purchase.
  • Cart Closed - by system
    • This means that the patron abandoned their cart and the system closed it after a period of inactivity.


The number of web pages that the patron accessed for that shopping cart. It is possible to check out a couple of tickets in 8 page hits if the patron has an account. Average is probably about 20 as patron shop, especially for subscriptions. Any large number generally means that the patron was unsure.

Cart Value

Total value of the patrons cart.

Tix Qty

Number of tickets the in the cart.

Pass Qty

The number of passes in the cart.

Donation Qty

Number of donations in the cart.

Checkout Date

The date the patron paid for the items in the cart.

New Button

Not available as only the web listener can create shopping carts.

Open Button

Opens an existing shopping cart so that you can view the web logs and contents and, if the cart is still active, checkout on behalf of a patron.

Delete Button

Deletes a shopping cart for the patron.