Forgotten Password Activity Log

Forgotten Password Activity Log (Reference)

Forgotten Password Activity Log
Forgotten Password Activity Log

This feature can be accessed from:

This window shows a log containing a patron's forgotten password behavior to help determine if a patron is (or is not) receiving their email, is (or is not) regularly forgetting their password, etc. The entries in the log are curated from:

  • Patron transactions showing if the patron was merged, changed their own data online, or had their data changed at the box office.
  • Patron emails specific to the requesting of passwords and emailing of order confirmations, as well as how long it took TM to send the email and how long it took the patron to read the email.
  • Web logs showing forgotten password requests and issues updating the password including error messages the patron might have received trying to enter their password (like password needs upper case/lower case or a number, etc).

The logs are ordered by time stamp. You should be able to see a brief summary of:

  • A request for a password email. This would confirm that they did ask for a reset and by the right email address. If the email address did not exist, you would see that message.
  • The email sent to the patron. If there is no email sent, the email did not exist.
  • If the email exists, attempt to change the password on the email.
  • If the email does not exist, attempt to create a patron, perhaps using that email address.
  • Transaction logs indicating that the patron was created, merged, or updated.
  • If the patron finished an order online, you'll see the confirmation email record.