Printed Pass List Window

Printed Pass List Window (Reference)

Printed Pass List Window
Printed Pass List Window

The Printed Pass List Window is access from Setup >> Batch Functions >> Unprint Batch of Passes. This window allows for the printed flag to be removed from passes so that they can be printed again.

Here is an overview of this window:

Open Button

Opens the Pass Detail Window for the selected pass

Unprint Button

Changes the print status of the selected pass to unprinted

Print Button

Prints the selected pass on the ticket face associated with the pass type (only if the selected pass currently has a print status of unprinted)

Export Button

Exports the selected items to your choice of text or Excel files

Status Column

Current status of the pass

Patron # Column

Patron number to whom the pass was sold

Name/Company Columns

First name, last name, and company name of the patron to whom the pass was sold

Description Column

Type of pass

Control # Column

Unique identifying control number of the pass

Date Printed Column

Date that the pass was previously printed