Pass Lookup Window

Pass Lookup Window (Reference)

Pass Lookup Window
Pass Lookup Window

From the Payment Screen of an order, you will use this special Pass Lookup Window to find and select which pass to redeem. The search parameters at the top of the window let you search for patrons as you would in the Contact List. The result list, however, displays passes purchased by the searched patron.

This window is accessed from the Search Icon search icon on the Payment Screen. Here are the rules governing which passes show up in this list:

  • Expired passes:
    • For employees who can't use expired passes, display for a grace period of 1 month
    • For employees with permission (Use pass/g.c. (expired) as payment method checked in the Employee Preferences Window >> functions Tab), display for 6 months
  • Passes in orders with a balance owing: * Do not display for employees who can't use unpaid passes * Displays for employees with permission (Use a pass that has not been fully paid for checked in Employee Preferences Window >> functions Tab)
  • The following passes will never display regardless of employee:
    • Can't Buy a Thing type passes
    • Historic renewed memberships
    • Written off passes
      • A conscious decision was made to get rid of these, regardless of age or expiry date
    • Passes that are currently in a cart for checkout
      • So the employee and the patron can't use them simultaneously