Pass Setup List Window

Pass Setup List Window

This section contains reference files for the system setup side of passes, gift certificates, and memberships in Theatre Manager.

Pass Setup List Window
Pass Setup List Window

Passes are setup and edited in the Pass Setup List Window, which is accessed from Setup >> System Tables >> Pass/G.C. Types. From here, you can create a new pass type, search existing pass types, and open the Pass Setup Detail Window. Here is a review of he options available on this screen.

Help Button

Accesses the online help pages for this window

New Button

Open Button

Opens the Pass Setup Detail Window to edit the selected pass type

Duplicate Button

Creates a copy of the selected pass type

Delete Button

Deletes the selected pass type (passes with attached sales and redemptions cannot be deleted for audit tracking reasons)

Print Button

Generates a report of the visible pass setups in the list to the screen or to a default print location

Export Button

Exports the visible list of pass setups

Verify Button

Pass Search Filter Dropdown

List of available search/filter fields for existing pass setups

Description Column

The description of the pass setup

Purchase Amount Column

Dollar value of the pass setup at time of purchase

Redeem Amount Column

Dollar value representing how much of the pass has been redeemed/used (or the value of items for which it has been used)

Redemption Method Column

Method of redemption for the pass setup

Notification Column

Lists any workflow notifications that have been setup for the pass type

Rule Name Column

Lists any sales rules that may be associated with this pass setup