Forms (Reference)

Terminology (key words)   Top

  • Form: Form template for creating the content in the form
  • Form Question: A single question on a given Form
  • Form Response: A single patron's response for a Form
  • Form Answer: A single answer, on a single patron's Form Response

Parts of Forms Window   Top

Internal Name

Name by which the box office staff/TM users will identify this form (This name is not visible on the web).

External Name

Name by which the patrons will identify this form (This name appears on the web).


The reason for which the form is created.

Form Types

The is a defualt types of forms you need to select from.

Expiry Types

Determines how long the forms response is valid for.

There a couple of expiry types such as:

  • Never - Just as the name suggests, when selected it means the form response will never expire.

  • Exact Date - This means that the user would put in a specific date that all forms response of that form type will expire on.

I.e - If a user made a 2022 Permission Form then they might expire it at the end of the 2022 season (an exact date)

  • After Completion - It's a duration based expiry, that enables you set all response of that forms type to expire at X hours/days/months after the form has been completed by a patron.

Active Check-box

This an Active/Inactive Flag.

Enable On Web

This option allows the form to be available online.

Visible On Web List

Ideally, forms are available online and should be visible online. But, there may be some special purpose that you may not want to see on the list. If so, uncheck this option.

Description Tab   Top

The Description tab of the forms window displays information about the Forms;

Internal Notes

Note for internal uses, it can be use to pass info to box office/TM Users ( Not Visible online).

External Notes

Notes to be placed on the Internet for patrons to read. Essentially for passing information/instructions to patrons regarding the form. These appear beside the form on the web.

Content Tab   Top

The Content tab of the forms window displays information about the content and of the Form and rules that defines the form.

This tab comprises of:

Requires Acceptance

When enable, it means that consent must be accepted before patrons can proceed with their checkout. (This option is only available for Consent form type)

Allow Household Patron to Sign

When enable, it means that any patron in a household can give consent or fill out the questionarie on behalf of other patrons in the household . (This option is available for Consent and Questionarie form type)

Consent/Questions Field

This is where you enter the verbiage or questions you want patrons to consent to or answer, depending on the Form Type selected.

Responses Tab   Top

The Responses tab of the forms window displays a list of patrons who have filled out the Form.

Usage Tab   Top

The Usage tab of the forms window displays List of event that the form is required for.

This tab also comprises of :

- Use to Open the event listed in the tab

- Use to Remove an event listed in the tab