Donation Campaign List Window

This section contains reference files for donation campaigns in Theatre Manager.

Campaign List Window
Campaign List Window

The Campaign List Window. This window is accessed from Setup >> System Tables >> Donation Campaigns.

Help Button

Accesses the online help page section for this window.

New Button

Open Button

Opens the Campaign Detail Window to edit the selected campaign.

Delete Button

Deletes a campaign. Only campaigns that are not attached to any transactions can be deleted.

Print Button

Generates a report of donation campaigns to the screen or default print location.

Export Button

Exports out the Campaign List Window view on screen to an Excel or tab-delimited format.

Giving Level Button

Merge Button

Merges two campaigns into a single campaign.

Donor Search Button

Category Column

The Campaign Category assigned to the campaign for online ordering and categorization.

Campaign Column

The name of the campaign.

Actual Column

The total dollar value that the campaign has collected to date.

Solicitor Column

The main solicitor for the campaign.

Notification Column

The name of the workflow notification that the campaign is attached to for informing employees of donation activities in the campaign.

Pledged Column

The total of all pledges to this campaign to date.

Soft Column

Total of all soft credits associated with the campaign.

Outlet-Owner Column

The outlet that owns the campaign.

Count Column

The number of pledges to date.

Giving Level Column

The Giving Level Matrix currently attached to the campaign.

Campaign Flag Column

A yes or no value indicating if donations to this campaign are (or are not) included the Patron Statistic Tab.