REST API Endpoint Columns

REST API Endpoint Columns (Reference)

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Here are the key columns in the top level endpoint list:


This is one of:

  • meta: which indicates that type of URL will describe something - i.e. meta data
  • data: the url will show actual data from the database


This is the endpoint name that can be added to the base url of the API to show the data. They are generally self describing and are case-sensitive.

For example, the endpoint carts will provide a list of shopping carts when added to the URL such as


The data_url is provided so that you can easily click on the endpoint and see data from the database, if you are permitted to see that data within the Theatre Manger database as an employee. For the carts endpoint, the data_url is the same as above, i.e.


When the word pages is added to the data_url, the API will send the data back as pages of information with a default 25 lines of data per page. You can use next and previous to page through the data. For example

You can navigate directly to a page of information by adding a ?page=x parameter (other parameters are discussed later). For example:


If the word schema is added to the data_url, the API will provide a description of the columns in the particular endpoint. Using the carts endpoint as an example, the URL will be: