Mail List Search Window

Mail List Search Window (Reference)

To access the Mail List Search Window, click Setup >> Mail Lists from the main Theatre Manager menu. Alternatively, you can select the Mail List button from the main Theatre Manager toolbar / ribbon bar. Learn more about how to create, delete, and merge mail lists.

Mail List Window
Mail List Window

The Mail List Lists window allows you to:

  • Access the mail lists already on your system to edit, duplicate, delete, export, create labels and merge one or more lists
  • Add new mail lists
  • Execute a selected individual mail list
New Button

Opens the Mail List Criteria window. Click here for more information on creating a Mail List Query.

Open Button

Opens the selected Mail List.

Duplicate Button

Creates a copy of the selected Mail List(s).

Delete Button

Deletes the selected Mail List(s).

Print Button

Generates a report to the screen or default print location displaying the details of the Mail List Listing. Choices are all lists or with the specific flags and search criteria selected.

Export Button

Exports the selected record(s).

Label Button

Opens the mailing label window to create mailing labels. Click here for more information on Address Labels.

Merge Button

Opens the Merge Mail Lists window to merge two (or more) selected mail lists. Click here for more information on merging mail lists.

Execute Button

Rebuilds and executes the criteria in the selected mail list(s).


Displays icons of the flags enabled in the mail list

List Number

Computer generated number for the mail list.

Mail List Name

Brief name of the mail list


Number of times the Mail List has been executed


If patrons can add or remove themselves from the Mail List via the web site


If the Mail List is active or inactive

Mail List Description

Description of the Mail List as entered on the description tab of the Mail List window.