Override Auto Capitalization

Override Auto Capitalization (How To)

By default, Theatre Manager automatically changes the capitalization of some words typed into fields. For example, only the first letter of last names are capitalized, as are company names, regardless of how they are typed in. This feature is strongly recommended for data standardization, but can be customized in the system for all fields and users. Occasionally, there may be times where you need to change the default setting for a specific field value, for example to preserve MacDonald instead of the system changing it to Macdonald when you click or tab out of the field. To override this automatic action, perform the following steps:

  1. Type the word into the field with the capitalization you want to display (e.g. MacDonald).
  2. On a PC, Control-click out of the field (either into the next field or the window area around the field). On a Mac, Option-click out of the field or press Option-tab to move your curser to the next field.